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22 Jan Light-pink manicure - fresh, innocent. So what's next? Call me a courtesan, call girl, escort, whatever you want. But basically I was a She's been inside the world's smartest hotel rooms - during the Cannes Film Festival, the Miami Art Basel, the Met Ball, the Monaco Grand Prix. 'Our clients were on the. 28 Apr My college graduation gift from my parents was a car. I don't remember when my mom and dad decided on that as a gift, and I don't know why I felt I needed one when I was living in Chicago, which had amazing public transportation, but that was what was decided and that was what I was going to get. 16 May Some of these stars are turning heads in the style department at the famous film festival in all the wrong ways.


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My pink escort cannes was beyond confident that I would someday be a star. And every time I ride in one, I secretly wish I was driving it. A man came to my apartment to pick up my car and do the paperwork. It turned out it did need the donation, but it also needed someone to figure out what to do with that kind of donation, and unfortunately all I had to offer was the car . pink escort cannes